Oops, We Might Have Made a Little Mistake (14 pics)

Sarah Sharples from Northumberland was a new, expectant mother and at 20 weeks, when doctors confirmed that she was having a baby girl, she started shopping for clothing, toys and furniture in preparation. Sarah spent over $4600 on baby essentials for a girl and even chose the name, Lily-Mae.

So you can just imagine her shock when she actually gave birth to a baby boy! Sarah at 20 weeks.

The ultrasound photos, which doctors were convinced showed a baby girl.

Clothing and shoes for a little girl.

The pink customised nursery.

A personalised baby blanket.

Presents from friends.

Sarah’s son, Joseph.

Luckily, the store where most of the baby items were purchased was happy to exchange some of the unwanted girly items for more suitable boys clothing and toys.

The nursery has also been repainted in the Monsters Inc. theme.