10 Funny Reporter Photos

1.This, also, isn't the first time something like this has happened. I hope he has a good alibi.
2.This snake looks like it took a bite out of this fox news reporter's skirt.
3.Unlike the previous photo, this reporter has the perfect name for this job.
4.This Tampa Bay reporter took what is probably the most dangerous selfie ever. Sports reporter Kelly Nash, pictured above, was at the Astros-Red Sox game when she decided to show off her location and her beauty with an Instagram self-portrait.
5.During the deadly earthquake that hit Ya'an, a rural area in China's southwestern province of Sichuan, a television reporter who was getting married left her wedding to report on the disaster.
6.A sports reporter from Romania gets hit in the head by a soccer ball.
7.Tailoring fail.
8.Yes, this unfortunate fail happened to a local fox news reporter. It might take you a second or two to actually realize what's going on here, but there's a good laugh waiting to reward your hard work.
9.Unfortunate name for a reporter.
10.“I KNOW WHO IT IS. It's the reporter!” wrote one commenter on the affiliate's website.