16 Of The Crazy,Weird And Wonderful Election-Related Crafts

1.Some crafts transcend party lines, like this portrait of "Kitt Romney" and "Bark Obama".
2.Many are candidate-specific. Like these "Baracas".
3.Romney yarmulke.
4.A print of Obama riding a lion.
5.Oven Mitt Romney.
6.Earrings containing a very teeny Barack and Michelle.
7.A ceramic party cup with a protruding mini-bust of Romney.
8.If the lion didn't do it for you, perhaps you'd prefer a print of Obama with a stalk of broccoli.
9.Romney soap.
10.Obama license plate.
11.Ryan and Romney party box.
12.Did you not finish that bottle of Shiraz? That's OK, these Obama wine stoppers can help.
13.Smell like the commander-in-chief.
14.Pop a few Romney Hershey Kisses.
15.Let your pet's political flag fly with this button.
16.What time is it? Ba-clock Obama time.