10 Famous Landmarks And Their Greatest Facsimiles

Here Is The Statue Of Liberty In New York.

And Here's Part Of Her On Lake Mendota In Wisconsin.
This Is The Capitol Building In D.C.
And Here's The One At Legoland In California.
This Is Stonehenge In Wiltshire, UK.
And This Is Carhenge In Alliance, Nebraska.
Presenting: The Tower of Pisa In Tuscany.
And Here's The Tower Of Pizza In Saugus, Massachusetts.
The Great Sphinx In Giza.
And Here's His Counterpart Made Out Of M&M's In British Columbia, Canada.
You've Seen The London Tower Bridge.
But How Solid Is This Mini One In Shenzhen, China?.
We All Know The Golden Gate Bridge In San Francisco.
But Here's What It Would Look Like If It Were Made Out Of Toothpicks.
And We Can't Forget About The Parthenon In Athens.
Or The One In Nashville, Tennessee.
Obviously There's The Eiffel Tower In Paris, France.
And This Lil' Lady In Paris, Texas.
And Last But Not Least, Mount Rushmore Near Keystone, South Dakota.
But Here's Another "Mount Rushmore," Made Out Of 700 Pounds Of Cheese.