12 Dumbest Ways New Yorkers Prepared For The Hurricane

1.With towels and masking tape.
2.Covering their cars in garbage bags.
3.Covering their cellar doors with garbage bags, tape, and bricks.
4.Tying their Virgin Mary statues to their stoops.
5.This mess.
6.Covering their windows with cardboard.
7.Duct-taping their doors shut.
8.Cardboard "sandbags"
9. This.
10.More sandbags.
11.Flipping over garbage cans.
12.poorly taping their windows.

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10 Cool Ultraviolet Stuff

1. UV Bubbles
2. UV Jeans
3. UV Books
4. UV Contact Lens
5. UV Tattoos
6. UV Candy
7. UV Tennis Shoes
8. UV Graffiti Arts
9. UV Toilet Papers
10. UV Restaurant

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