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1.“If we were in prison, I’d protect you in the shower”. Seriously, you won’t find a more grateful buyer that this.

2.“There was a condom in package saying call me.” LOL.

3.“This experience made me think twice about beating my wife?” WTF!!.

4.“If i ever catch you in my bed again, I’ll shoot your righ then and there. Freak”.

5.“If a snake bit your d*ck, I would suck out the poison”.
Well, what can I say, a solid eBay feedback from a grateful – out of the closet – buyer.

6.“Bad seller, he has the ethics of a used car salesman”. The feedback might sound non-consequential but this Florida man was sued for $15,000 for writing one!. The seller – emiller1313, was a Miami based lawyer and sued Michael Steadman for ruining is 100% positive feedback.

7."Hamas-themed Vermont Teddy bear w/tiny explosive vest?—CUTE CUTE CUTE!." Whoever posted the feedback above proves that you can get creative.

8.“This dude is sooo… sexy buy from him! He’ll love you long time”. This guy sold Foo Fighters tickets and never got any feedback from the guy who bought them. After several messages claiming a feedback from him, this is what he got.

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