15 Funny Pictures of Sh*t Ruined by Kids

1.Who lets a two year old watch a movie unsupervised on his wife's laptop so he can still watch the game!? Come on!

2.“Look, mommy, my beautiful drawing – over my little brother”!

3.At least this one has an “I'm sorry” face.

4.Who listens to tapes nowadays anyway? They were doing their parents a favor.

5.A hell of a painting job.

6.Another hell of a painting job.

7.Not even the pet is safe.

8.Charlie wants to bake.

9.Mama will have to buy more pads for her.

10.How did he end up there?

11.How did he end up there? Take two!

12.It used to be a lovely couch.

13.TV remote + gum is not a good mix.

14.Good bye brand new LCD monitor.

15.Thats my job.