12 Funniest Lost in Translation Signs

Hilarious Santa Claus Fails

1.Santa taking a poop.

2.Exhausted Santa.

3.Scary Santa.

4.Santa in a hurry.

5.Drunk Santa.

6.Extremely drunk Santa.

7.Party Santa.

8.Stripping Santa.

9.Homeless Santa.

10.Shaved Santa.

11.Busted Santa.

12.Santa in a thong.

13.Modern (and lazy) Santa.

17 Craziest And Funniest School Signs

12 Most Bizarre Mug Shots Of 2010

1.Carlos Rodriguez was arrested for attempting to solicit a prostitute. The profile shot showed the man's striking cranial cavity, the unfortunate result of a deformity or an accident.

2.What the... neck?

3.What the... head?

4.Two words: dental work.

5.Ain't that funny behind bars, ha?

6.Just a liiiittle touch of drawings here and there.

7.The mustache ladies crave for!

8.The third NY Yankees eye.

9.So much... redness in your life, dude.

10.Surprise!!! Happy birthday!

11.You can leave your hat on, grandma.

12.Because jail time is FUN!