20 Hilarious Animals Photobombs

Ridiculous Crowd Surfing And Stage Diving

1.Pink inside a bubble rolled over audience

2.A man in wheelchair surfing at ‘Bad Religion' show

3.‘Eddie Vedder' jumps from a TV-mast into the crowd

4.Beyonce Knowles crowd surfs in high heels

5.‘Rich Aucoin' literally board surfing

6.Juliette Lewis almost walked on the crowd

7.Singer of ‘Monotonix' surfing on a drum kit

8.Courtney Love goes crazy

9.Katy Perry stage diving

10.Rammstein's crowdsailing

11.Massive crowd surfing at ‘Five Finger Death Punch' show

12.Crowd surfing fail

10 Hilarious Tombstones

10 Creative Fridge Magnets

1.App Magnets

2.Ninja Shuriken Magnet

3.Sushi Magnets

4.Eternal Magnetic Calendar

5.Star Wars Magnet

6.Digital Photo Frame Fridge Magnet

7.Michael Fish Retro Weather Forecast Fridge Magnets

8.Frida Kahlo Finger Puppet Magnet

9.Japanese Traditional Food Fridge Magnets

10.Blue Q Naked Men In Oven Mitts Magnet Set