23 Crazy Cat Furniture

1.Cat Maze

2.UFO or BBQ?

3.The Cat Condo

4."You're driving me up the wall!"

5.The cats took over long ago, there is no human furniture left anymore.

6.Does the block of cheese help to attract the mice?

7.Books are outdated.


9.Please don't poke the cats.

10.Cat Cabin

11.Crazy Cat Lady's House

12.A Loft With a Great View

13.This cat has no problem obeying the sign below.

14.A Great Use for Old Cardboard

15.Cat Gym

16.An Elegant Cat Commode

17.The Catwalk

18.King of the Beer Box Castle

19.Cat Treehouse

20.Outdoor Cat Apartment Complete With Tiny Pond and Fountain

21.DIY Cat Tunnel

22.Cat Ladder

23.This one looks confused