18 Cool and Funny Inventions From the Past

1.Bike Tyre Used As Swimming Aid (Germany, 1925)
2.One Wheel Motorcycle (1931)
3.Amphibious Bike ‘Cyclomer’ (Paris, 1932)
4.All Terrain Car (England, 1936)
5.Radio Pram (USA, 1921)
6.Radio hat (USA, 1931)
7.Bulletproof Glass (New York, 1931)
8.Piano For The Bedridden (UK, 1935)
9.Glasses For Reading In Bed (England, 1936)
10.Electrically Heated Jacket (USA, 1932)
11.Car With Shovel For Pedestrians (Paris, 1924)
12.Early GPS (1932)
13.Folding Emergency Bridge (Netherlands, 1926)
14.Faxed Newspaper (1938)
15.Face Protection From Snowstorms (Canada, 1939)
16.Gas War Resistant Pram (England, Hextable, 1938)
17.Revolver Camera (New York, 1938)