12 Hilarious Traffic Lights

1.Crossing the streets of Prague
2.In berlin traffic lights really funny
3.Some one put black tape over the "Dont walk" fingers,turning the signal into flashing red evil horns.
4.A traffic lights design for horses,in the street of london,England
5.Drunk zebra crossing near british museum
6.Valentines day traffic lights in Bruxelles 2006
7.In jerusalem there are pranksters who enjoy adding smiley facees to the traffic lights
8.An artists in Bogota,Columbia,used this traffic lights as public canvas
9.Iconographic traffic lights for those people who dont know what the colors mean
10.This is very funny!!
11.Traffic lights in fredericia,Denmark
12.Spy is an artist from madrid whose work involves the appropriation of urban elements,here one of his works