15 Worst Logo Fails

1.Logo of Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission
2.A-Style Logo
3.Office of Government Commerce
5.Arlington Pediatric Center
7.Clinica Dental
8.Computer Doctors
11.China Restaurant
12.Kudawara Pharmacy
14.Junior Jazz Dance Classes
15.Olympic Logo of London 2012

10 Hijacked Billboards

1.Stripper v/s church...tough Choice
2.Jet Airways,one of the leading Airways in india announced to their customer that they have changed.
3.This is picture of Billboard in South California.To the left of the picture thier new car.Thier Tag line?A smug,"Your Move BMW".
4.Take that,Fast Food
5.One need come after the other,I guess.
6.Another badly placed Mcdonald's ad.
7.A beer is always worth it.unless you're teen that is.
8.Oh well
9.In 2009,President Obama took a trip to China and was Photographed Sporting a WeatherProof Jacket.
10.Christianity Discipline v/s Adults Games?

10 Hilarious Nipple Tattoos

10 Farts Caught on Live TV

1.Hilary Clinton during a 2007 Democratic debate

2.Canadian fart Idol

3.Fitness Tv Show fart

4.Regis stop fighting and just let it out

5.Nude students farts in background

6.Swedish newsreader farts on live TV

7.Larry(farting)King Live

8.Rahm emaneuls appears to fart on charlie Rose show

9.Sport's Anchor Fart
10.Tiger Wood fart on 18th hole

17 Hilarious Personal Ads