13 Anatomical Tattoos

10 Hilarious Pillow

1.Log Pillows

2. Condom Pillow

3.iBoobs Pillow

4.Girlfriend Pillow

5.Floppy disc pillow

6.Social Network Pillow

7.Napbook- Laptop Case and a Pillow

8.Glowing Pillow

9.Wiimote Plushie Pillow

10.Tetris Pillow

Most Hilarious Condom

Musical Condoms

Glowing condoms

David Beckham Condoms

McCondom – Whisky Flavoured Condoms

A condom with the ruler

Kama Sutra Condoms

MyFace Condoms

‘Spray-On’ Condom

6 Hilarious Slippers

1.stylish Metal Detecting Sandals

2.Topless Flip Flops don’t flip or flop

3.Dram sandals hold your booze while you walk around

4.Beach Slippers « Who loves me follow me »

5.Reef Fanning bottle opener sandals

6.Flip Flops powered with LED