Marriage License

America Ferrera dresses as a hotdog

15 Geekiest Tattoos


HTML believer

He can always look in the mirror for reference..

Einstein would be proud..

Biggest DNA ever

Living fossil

Let the stars (and the ink) guide you home

Now that's a useful arm!

Living atoms

Now that's a visible icon!


Creepiest 3D Tattoos

13 Awesome and Craziest Wall Hook

1.Baby limbs wall hook

2.Excited man wall hook

3.Knives wall hook

4.Men wall hook

5.Hand wall hook

6.Gun wall hook

7.Flip flop wall hook

8.Puppy butt wall hook

9.Teacup tile hook

10.Pushpin Wall Hook

11.Teddy bear wall hook

12.Hippo wall hook

13.Joystick wall hook