Some One Call Tripple AAA!

please Call Triple AAA!

Russian Cops

Good Lookking Russian Cops

Young Cow Head Stuck in old Washing machine

Seagull Ice Cream Thief

Tallest man Vs Shortest man

close Call


Add Some More Water!

UFO Ticket.

Getting UFO Ticket

Sprinkled Turd

Looks exactly like the story of my life.

Fashion Criminal

Oversize Load

TOO Heavy ouchhhhhhhhhh!

illegal Move

Olympic Funny Move

Long Dog

A very long dog!!

404 Road Not Found

Road Error(404 Not FOund)

Massive Riot

Massive Riot For the COuntry

Painful Wipeout

Pain Pain pain ouchhhhhhhhh!

Ironic Sign

Pass With care!


An Aeroplane Landed For Refueling!

Ad from the early 90's

Party girls want to give you a good time.

Police Aqua Unit

I Need Police Aqua Unit.

Ironic Crash

Thanks you for Driving carefully through the Village.

Spelling Error

Spells Error its Stop!

How Stupid Can You Be?

Wow! This is unbelievable, check out this woman’s question. I am not sure if I should laugh or cry about her dumbness.

Answer:-You Are a tool Georgia is a Euroasia state that borders the south of russia
Please pay attention in school or atleast get out a geography book

enterprise rent a car

I hope they took the extra insurance coverage!

Then we'll grab a bite at 404 Not Found

Chinese Restaurant name ever.

A Modified Tricycle In Use

Sun block device

Great idea. I should try it.

japanese Girls Get the Anime Look with Extra-Wide Contact Lenses

Obama about to punch McCain in the face

Funny Birds

Condom Ballon

No Diffrerence Me and MY Dog

ME and My Puppy you cant make us difference really nobody did yet,we dress same we do all hahahah

Wish you were here

Hey, thanks for invitation! I'll see what I can do.